Friday, October 30, 2009

Day Two on Gainey Ranch

This morning was nicer than yesterday, a little warmer and lots of sunshine. We teed off at around 10:00 am at Gainey Ranch Golf Club. This is the same club that we are staying at. Our gracious host, John Dimetra, has not only allowed us to stay in his condo, but invited us to play at his course. It was a great day to play golf. Here are three pictures of today's round.

I must say, as far as scores go, I personally did better today than yesterday. Tomorrow we are playing at the Golf Club of Scottsdale, so things could turn for the worst. That course is supposed to be the toughest one of our three day stay. An added bonus is that we will be playing with our childhood neighbors, John and Kurt Peterson. Wish us luck.

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